Oddfellow’s Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin Book Review

An interesting mute little girl with long snowy white braids is the newest addition to the curious troupe of orphaned children at Oddfellow’s Orphanage. Oddfellow, a distant relative of a viciously notorious pirate Bluebird, made it his life’s mission to create a family for himself by taking in cast off children. This gentle read includes nostalgic scenes from just about everyone’s magical childhood imaginations, including plenty of stargazing, circus animals and cryptozoological creatures. This great chapter book offers simple yet charming illustrations and uncomplicated language. I recommend it for emerging readers in grades 1-4.

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly & James Dean Book Review

We all have grumpy days. Even the grooviest of cats can come down with a ho-hum case of the blue cat blues. In this uplifting story, Pete, Grumpy Toad, Wise Old Owl and their gang of critter pals show us how to notice the good in every day. There is magic in looking on the bright side and a small change in perspective can turn almost anything around. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and can’t find your own cool blue sunglasses to see things differently? Hang upside down if you have to, or simply ready this book and it’ll have you smiling and singing along. “The birds are singing, the sky is bright, the sun is shining, I’m feeling alright!” FAR OUT!

Freckle Juice by Judy Bloom
Early Readers , Fiction , Humorous / April 8, 2017

Freckle Juice is a Judy Blume classic, originally written in 1971. This book humorously tackles the downside of wishing to be different just to make life a little easier. The main character, Andrew Marcus, wants freckles more than anything and his least favorite classmate, Sharon, sees a way to take advantage of it. Sharon convinces Andrew to buy her top secret recipe for a sure fire, freckle-inducing-potion. Only after chugging the home made freckle juice and getting an awful stomach ache, does Andrew discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side, but the freckles are most certainly more blue. This funny little book is simply illustrated and makes a fantastic read-aloud chapter book for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade.